Facebook Update Fail – Share Buttons Still Don’t Work

So, big news in Facebook land today.  They turned pages into user profiles and not just visually.  A page can now interact just as a user would commenting on people’s wall, liking this and that.  Really pretty cool stuff.  I had actually been struggling with this recently and decided to make a persona with a regular profile as a work-around.  It was working fine which begs the question … why not just let brands have regular profiles?

Read the full story here: http://techcrunch.com/2011/02/10/facebook-unifies-ui-as-it-rolls-out-new-design-for-pages/

None the less, I was really stoked about this for about 20 seconds.  I went to my page, clicked “use Facebook as [page]” and went out to some of my favorite website haunts where I find interesting things to post.  I proceeded to click one of the Facebook share buttons and got the following error…

Facebook fails to make share buttons useful for brands

What the hell??  Nooo, I want to post this to my page, not my profile…

Now, let me clarify, this was not possible before the update but I thought for sure it would allowed now.  So, back to good ol’ copy and paste.  The irritation remains as the C and V begin to rub off of their respective keys.

As a side note, this move by Facebook reminded me of a video I watched recently where Douglas Rushkoff (http://rushkoff.com) rants about how brands don’t belong on social networks.  Video link below…


This almost seems like a direct response by Facebook to Douglas’ allegations as they make Brands more like people.